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    Glass industry prospects Introduction

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      In recent years, due to China's fixed asset investment growth, industrialization and urbanization accelerated, real estate, automotive and other related industries, the rapid development of the glass industry provides a continued strong market demand, accelerate the development of the glass industry. The overall demand will have to protect the Central Economic Work Conference clearly the economic tasks "five" period. From the overall economic situation, the economic and social development of China's fundamentals and long-term trend has not changed for the better, to maintain stable and rapid economic development is the primary task of economic work in the future; At present, China's urbanization rate is not high, only 46% . Press to increase a percentage point each year to predict, 20 years after the country's urbanization rate is only equivalent to the current international average. The increase means that the urban infrastructure, construction and real estate market continued steady growth of urbanization rate of demand, especially the demand for energy-efficient buildings of glass is long and rigid. Therefore, in the coming period is still quite a long glass industry is still a vibrant, stable development prospects of the industry. The rapid development and progress of Chinese glass industry of the national economy and Urban indispensable raw material industries, but it is also a resource and energy consuming industries, flat current surplus has been included in the national industry, increasingly restricting carbon emissions extensive development, we should be serious and sober look at how to plan for the glass industry to the scientific concept of development, accelerate the transformation of the mode of development of this major issue. Glass industry to accelerate the transformation of development, we must adhere to the restructuring as the main line. Restructuring of existing technology structure, product structure adjustment, the adjustment also organized structure in the face of the new situation and new tasks, there will be new content, different stages of development have different emphases. Develop and enrich our industry chain needs to adhere to the construction industry as the main orientation, we must also pay attention to research travel industry (including automotive, railways, ships, etc.), as well as chemical, aviation, aerospace, defense industry and other related industries, as well as photovoltaic changes in demand for new energy generation and other strategic emerging industries and BIPV glass industry to bring, trends and opportunities. Extend the industrial chain, the development of glass deep processing products is the main direction of the glass industry restructuring. Glass industry not just limited to the raw materials industry, but to the products of industrial development, industrial chain to be extended, the structure to be adjusted, it can be expected industry occupied the high-end of the value chain. Encourage high-quality float and special varieties of produce from the policy to support large enterprise to extend the industrial chain, the development of glass deep-processing projects. Overall control, structural adjustment and progress in recent years, the rapid development of China's glass industry, an important reason is the rise of a number of large companies. They promote industrial restructuring and optimization, to improve the regional market concentration, speed up technological progress, as well as energy conservation, eliminate backward production capacity, the development of circular economy, improve economic efficiency has played an important role. But the 10 former glass industry concentration is not high (Ten years ago, our glass industry concentration Enterprise Group 2005 was only 45.8%, the average size of the country's float glass business only 6.83 million weight cases of five former .2009 Glass Group total capacity of only about 30% of the country). In connection with the adjustment of excess industry mergers and acquisitions to further increase the industry's efforts to support the development of large groups, increased industrial concentration, for now, the progress is slow. The current focus on the development of the industry is not appropriate to the new production line, the state of implementation of the existing stock of assets, mergers and acquisitions from policy support, restructuring and transformation of enterprises. Improve organizational restructuring of the industry, will help to improve the production concentration, the right to speak in favor of large enterprises to improve the market is conducive to the formation of a fair and orderly competitive environment conducive to solve overcapacity, prices deviate from the value and efficiency of the sector low issue. Also the only way to achieve the same amount of size increase of industrial added value, help to reduce carbon intensity. China Ministry of Information Industry May 9, 2011 issued "on curbing excessive growth of flat glass production capacity to guide the healthy development of the industry notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), completed in 2011 put forward resolutely eliminate backward production capacity of 26 million flat glass weight Box goal. Meanwhile, the "notice" clearly requires all public letter to the competent authorities of the region in the construction project to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, resolutely curb does not meet the "State Council approved the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments to suppress part of industry overcapacity and redundant construction guide the healthy development of industry several opinions Notice "and" flat glass industry access "provisions of the construction project, the new plate glass construction projects must be approved by the national authorities. Low carbon emissions characteristics of a low-carbon development path for the glass industry for the industry is to pursue low-emission development path characterized by industry to achieve the development goals of green GDP. The Chinese government has announced that by 2020 carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP than in 2005, down 40% -45% target. Long way to go to achieve this goal. At present, the industry is still a considerable part of the business, do not pay attention to their own environmental governance, there is the cost of externalizing internal phenomenon, which is short-sighted and irresponsible behavior. Low carbon emissions characteristics of road development industry, one must adhere to the "energy saving"; on the other hand you want to adjust the structure and management of technology and innovation, greatly improve the economic efficiency of the industry, so as to reduce carbon intensity. Summing up the past and look to the future, improve trade carbon emissions mainly through: 1, structural adjustment and restructuring of energy saving is an important way to improve the energy efficiency levels. China's glass industry in recent years due to the phasing out of the "vertical cited" and "flat Rafah pass laws" glass; float LINES gradually expand the scale of production (from 1995 430T / D increased to 530T / D); vigorously develop the deep processing of glass (plate glass yuan of industrial added value of energy consumption for 9 tons of standard coal, and processed glass less than 1 tce) and other major initiatives, play an important role in saving energy. 2, pollutant emissions and control measures as part of the corporate governance and the implementation of desulphurization clean energy and glass furnace waste heat power generation, eliminate backward production capacity and other targets. But energy saving still an arduous task. 3, oxyfuel and oxy-combustion technology with air as the dielectric glass furnace combustion, combustion is only valid in the air about 20% oxygen, and the remaining 80% is mainly nitrogen, not only can not but take a lot of heat of combustion, reducing furnace thermal efficiency, but at a high temperature exhaust gas pollution is generated, for which recent development of oxy-combustion and oxyfuel technology. Furnace can increase production capacity, improve glass quality, improve thermal efficiency, lower fuel consumption and reduce emissions, environmentally-friendly. Oxyfuel combustion has been adopted in a number of enterprises; oxy-fuel technology was developed and pilot brewing in the flat glass industry. 4, glass furnace waste heat power generation technology uses glass furnace flue gas exhaust heat power generation, and back for glass production, can improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace and reduce energy consumption, currently has a number of uses, to meet the production line 50 about% of electricity, saving about 8%. 5, promote the use of LOW-E glass with energy saving features, LOW-E insulating glass building energy efficiency is one of the "five" ten key energy-saving projects, China's building energy consumption accounted for 27.6% of the total social energy consumption, There are 44 billion m2 in both urban and rural construction in 99% of high-energy buildings, each year more than 20 million m2 of new housing construction also not meet the requirements of the most energy-efficient buildings. Our next 10-20 years to maintain the economic growth rate of around 8%, will be faced with enormous energy constraints. Building energy efficiency will become alleviate this pressure, an effective way to meet the sustainable growth of the national economy. With the implementation of the national strategy of building energy efficiency, Low-E glass and other energy-saving glass market demand for rapid growth is expected to be one of the products to market demand over the next five years, the fastest growing, is currently a hot investment. 6, focusing on the development and utilization of new solar energy is inexhaustible, clean energy, solar energy development and utilization of large-scale, effectively pulling the rapid development of solar glass. For solar modules cover the rapid development of ultra-white rolled glass, has built 50 production lines; for ultra clear float glass and thin-film solar cells solar cell substrate with TCO conductive film glass and so will become the new hot spot for development , with particular attention to the BIPV market has broad prospects. Develop and promote the use of these energy-saving glass and solar glass deep processing of glass, not only reduces energy consumption applications, glass industry will become a new economic growth point, is very conducive to reducing carbon intensity. In recent years, the gap between the glass industry, the overall level of quality float glass of a certain increase. First Bohou control was relatively stable, the second is a general increase in the visible light transmittance, the three board quality has improved significantly, 0.3mm or more bubbles, inclusions significantly reduced, four optical distortion angle of incidence is significantly improved. Currently, the main difference of quality float glass products with the international advanced level of micro-defects that are more; high penetration of tin, steel and iridescent after serious incident angle low optical distortion and so on. Product resources, high energy consumption, low utilization level; overall technology, equipment and management level with international advanced level there is still a wide gap; product structure is not reasonable, high quality float and deep processing rate is low; many enterprises, the scale small, poor international competitiveness; business innovation and self-development capacity of poor, lack of technological innovation mechanism and ability driving force; the market is not standardized, there occurs disorderly competition. In short, China's glass industry by greatly enhance the capability of independent innovation, and actively promote structural adjustment in energy saving technology as the center; to develop low-energy, non-energy-intensive industrial products and extend the industrial chain, the development of deep processing products for the content of product structure adjustment ; large enterprises play a central role in the implementation of the merger and reorganization of the industry, accelerate the adjustment of the organizational structure, all of which are gradually changing China's glass industry, "two high and one low" social image, a modern resource-saving and environment-friendly industries will characterize the future of Chinese glass industry.

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